Theory, attitude and experience enable us to reach our goals

Mindsfield helps to identify the appropriate solution

Mindsfield provides a platform enabling participants interaction

Mindsfield collects general business issues faced by organizations 

Mindsfield merges contributions to create proper solutions

We challenge ourselves growing personally and professionally

We openly respect emotions, before acting and affecting each other

Mindsfield supports the management decision making process

Mindsfield empowers the crowd to develop their skills

New ideas inspire progress and continuous developement

We care about what we do and how our actions impact the society

Mindsfield decomposes the issue

in specific elements 

We share to inspire and interact to build up stronger solutions

Mindsfield represents business cases and enables each participant to develop their skills by focusing on one or more areas of activities.

Participants' ideas are going to take part in a management decision process aimed to support an organization's 

development and generate feedback, creating shared value for all the actors involved.

Mindsfield aims to sustainably grow by understanding its stakeholders needs of having individual benefits, but also by enabling the creation of collective value leveraging on self-motivated talents.

Mindsfield's business model focuses on enabling participants to develop their skills and expertise in order to support the innovation and decision making process that all actors involved need to face.

Mindsfield's organization is flexibly set up in order to quickly adapt to the emerging needs of a fast changing context.

The structure is consciously considered among IT, internal, external and cultural factors.

Mindsfield's values are one of the most important assets. They cover a key role in our decisions and are continuously challenged in order to create the best framework possible for a highly decentralized environment.